MAE Sports & Education has been admitted to the ICEX Next program, which is a program of ICEX Spain Export and Investment

Last January we had the pleasure of attending the V Edition of the CF Rayo Majadahonda Business Club organized at the facilities

The United States offers a great number of opportunities for people seeking training in different fields, whether in education, employment or sports.

Soccer Inter-Action and MAE Sports & Education are pleased to announce that they have signed a partnership for the management of student

Few places in the United States have so much historical appeal for tourists or students students The city of Boston in New

Learn English from home can be frustrating, especially when you are self-taught. The reality is clear: the best way to to internalize

Looking for Christmas plans in the United States? Living these dates far from home can be complicated when you live or study

We have always heard about the typical “fraternities” in the USA. But… What does this term really represent? The word fraternity comes

Last weekend took place the final of the US Open, and the Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, with only 19 years old,

Memorial Day is a very important date in the United States and its purpose is to commemorate with honor the men and

Last weekend saw the graduations of several of our MAEstars. In the USA, college graduations are one of the most important ceremonies

From MAE Sports & Education we want to announce that from now on all our athletes and students will have discount and