As you know, at MAE Sports & Education, we work directly with students and their families to find the ideal option, among

It is clear that if you are passionate about your sport and are an athlete with big dreams, explaining the opportunities to

Daniela Lopez at her senior basketball game at Lake Ridge Academy. The secondary education stage is fundamental in the academic and personal

At MAE, we are proud and excited to announce that our Faulcombridge Showcase has been awarded in the tenth edition of the

At MAE, we know that the application and admission process to U.S. universities involves more than just meeting basic requirements. For international

The dream of studying in the United States has become an attainable reality for many international students thanks to the various scholarships

You have probably heard of these three organizations. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) is the organization that oversees college sports in

We tell you all about the U.S. university admissions process.

We tell you all about the U.S. university admissions process.

We tell you everything you need to know about the incredible American Halloween experience on campus.

Earning an athletic scholarship to a U.S. university can be an exceptional opportunity for student-athletes who want to combine their passion for

In case you were wondering, at MAE we also help those students who do not play sports, but are interested in being