Faulcombridge Showcase by MAE wins the award at the tenth edition of the Emprén Esport Awards

At MAE, we are proud and excited to announce that our Faulcombridge Showcase has been awarded in the tenth edition of the sports awards; Premios Emprén Esport, a prestigious initiative promoted by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation and the newspaper Marca. This award recognition, in the Reinforcement category, highlights our dedication to promoting educational and athletic opportunities for talented young people.

Our sports innovation project, in partnership with the Valencia Tennis Club and the Faulcombridge Cup (ATP Challenger tournament), has been chosen among numerous candidates for its significant impact and contribution to the development of sport and education. The Faulcombridge Showcase by MAE is not just a tennis tournament; it is a platform that brings together national and international talent, as well as coaches from American universities, offering promising young players the opportunity to be seen and considered for athletic scholarships in the United States.

The importance of this award lies not only in the recognition of our efforts to strengthen the link between sport and education, but also in the visibility and support it gives to our event. We are honored that such a respected initiative as Emprén Esport, which aims to encourage projects that promote sport as a tool for social and personal development, has seen the value and potential of our Faulcombridge Showcase.

The second edition of our tournament is scheduled for this July 2024, and promises to be even more exciting with the inclusion of new promising young players from the national and international scene who aspire to continue their sporting and academic careers in the United States through athletic scholarships. This award is a significant boost for our event, ensuring that it will continue to grow and provide unique opportunities for student athletes.

At MAE, we are committed to working directly with students and their families to find the ideal match among the more than 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States, taking into account their academic, economic and geographic preferences. The Faulcombridge Showcase by MAE is a reflection of this commitment, and receiving this award from Emprén Esport reinforces our mission to open doors and create pathways to success for international students in the US.

We are excited to continue to offer this incredible Showcase format tournament in the world of sports, which not only highlights young talent in tennis, but also facilitates the pathway to educational opportunities in the United States.

We thank all our participants and the Emprén Esport jury for this award, and we pledge to continue working to make the Faulcombridge Showcase an even more successful event in the future.