Athletic scholarships IN THE U.S.A.

Athletic Scholarships

To obtain an Athletic Scholarship at one of the thousands of U.S. universities. we need the student, in addition to having a competitive profile in their sport, to have an average academic curriculum, having to pass the SAT and TOEFL or Duolingo exams for admission and eligibility.

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Other Sports

There are several sports considered as “emerging” in the NCAA leagues such as equestrianism and triathlon. There are also sports not found in the NCAA leagues, but they do in the NAIA or NJCAA, such as dance, e-sports, and the half-marathon.

In the case that your sport does not belong to these leagues and you cannot be granted an athletic scholarship, we can help you find a university that has that sport as a “club”. You would not be able to get a sports scholarship, but you could look for academic or international scholarships that would lower the cost of the university.

How do we work?


In order to obtain an Athletic Scholarship at one of the thousands of US colleges and universities, we need the student to have an excellent athletic profile, in addition to passing the SAT and TOEFL tests with a high grade. Here you can find an estimation of the scores that are required:

Athletic scholarchips

This is the American college entrance exam. It consists of two parts, English and Mathematics. You can take the test as many times as you need.
Score | 1000/1600

Athletic scholarchips

Your TOEFL score will not determine whether your scholarship will be higher or lower, but it will be a requirement for admission to the university.
Score | 61/120

Athletic scholarchips

The academic record of the students who are considering getting access to good academic scholarships must be from 9/10. The average mark of the 3rd and 4th year of ESO and 1st year of Bachillerato will be taken into account. In addition, the student may add letters of recommendation or any other relevant information.

Athletic scholarchips

Athletic profile

Including the following:

- Photos in competition
- High lights video with the best plays practicing their sport
- Sporting career in recent years

What is offered to student-athletes?

Athletic scholarchips


The academic system is adapted, so that athletes can perfectly combine studies and sport.

Athletic scholarchips


Both sports and academic achievements are often acknowledged to all university athletes.

Athletic scholarchips

Professional Staff

University athletes are accompanied daily by a team of professionals to achieve the best possible performance.

Athletic scholarchips

Travel and Equipment

The student-athletes travel around the country. The university is in charge of them and they are equipped with top brand sports equipment upon arrival.

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