Study in the U.S.A.

High School in the United States

The experience at school in the United States is a great opportunity for international students, both for learning English and for the personal growth and maturity level. It truly makes a difference.

Available Courses

Our students opt for the 5 courses available prior to the start of their university studies, where they can study with us for one year or (if they wish), they can get prepared with us until the start of their university studies, ensuring access to the best universities in the world.

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11
1st Baccalaureate

Grade 12
2nd Baccalaureate

Boarding Schools

There are different programs for this experience. We specialize in “Boarding Schools”, which are prestigious private residential schools. Students enjoy the best possible facilities and care. These schools correspond to the F1 visa type, which has the most flexibility for international students.

Thanks to our experience we take care of finding the place that best suits the characteristics of the student, in addition to achieving significant cost reductions by using the scholarships and financial aid available in our centers.

What do we offer?

At MAE we visit and analyze each center to guarantee a great experience for our students. We make a careful selection of the best centers for our program and after analyzing the student’s profile, we choose the best possible center together with the family and guarantee financial aid to cover the costs.

We have academic and sports scholarships. Cost reductions are guaranteed. The better the student’s profile, the better the financial aid. For students who meet the requirements but cannot cover the costs, there are also family benefits.

High School

School Selection

High School

Private Residence

High School

Quality Nutrition

High School


High School

Academic Prestige

High School

Extracurricular Activities

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Academic Support

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Sports Scholarships

High School

Academic Scholarships

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