How to access an Ivy League? The definitive guide to everything you need to know

As you know, at MAE Sports & Education, we work directly with students and their families to find the ideal option, among the more than 5,000 universities in the United States, providing specific information on everything they need to know to study in the USA. Therefore, in this article on our blog, we will focus on access to the Ivy League, leaving a small essential guide to all the key details about these universities.

Dreaming of studying in an Ivy League is aspiring to the highest level in higher education. But how does that dream come true? From understanding which colleges make up this elite group to navigating the admissions process, we tell you everything you need to know.

What are the Ivy Leagues?

The prestigious and well-known “Ivy League” consists of 8 research universities located in the northeast of the country. At first, this group of universities began as a sports league, and little by little they became what they are today, that is, they are currently considered some of the best universities in the world.

In case you didn’t know, those students who manage to enter this type of institution create exclusive relationships and contacts, and also enjoy paid internships while they complete their degree, later obtaining job contracts even before graduating.

What are the Ivy Leagues?

If you are considering studying in an Ivy League, you should know all the universities that belong to this group:

  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University
  • Yale
  • Columbia University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Dartmouth College
  • Brown University
  • Cornell University

Admission requirements: know how to access

Admission requirements vary among these institutions, but they all share some common expectations: academic excellence, meaningful extracurricular participation, and strong leadership skills. Successful candidates are typically in the top 10% of their high school class and have demonstrated passion and commitment in their areas of interest, whether through sports, music, volunteering, or personal projects.

Accessing these universities is quite a challenge, which is why at MAE we know this process closely and we expressly advise you on the necessary requirements in order to increase your chances of admission.

And, not only will we design a preparation plan for the student, but we also offer comprehensive advice with high-quality tutoring, determining the strategy of how and when to send applications to each institution, thus achieving the best results and admission. in the chosen centers.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Essay

The essay (or personal writing) is your opportunity to shine, to show who you are beyond the grades. Ivy League Universities seek students who are not only brilliant academically, but also bring diversity and unique perspectives to their community. Here, telling your story authentically and compellingly can make all the difference.

SAT and ACT: Numbers Matter Too

How to access an Ivy League? The definitive guide to everything you need to know

The SAT exam (Suit Assessment Test), and the ACT, are a standardized test that has been created to evaluate the academic skills of students and thus help universities in the United States make informed decisions about the following admissions. These are exams that cover the areas of mathematics, reading and writing in the English language.

And getting a high score on the SAT or ACT is crucial in the Ivy League admissions process. These standardized tests help colleges evaluate your academic skills in a broader context.

The Ivy Leagues require a much higher score than the rest of American universities. This exam has a score over 1600, and in order to be at least considered for an Ivy League, you need to obtain a minimum of 1500.

Preparing thoroughly for these exams is essential. We help you with registration and preparation for these exams; either through an online academy or a teacher specialized in this subject with whom we work.

Remember that mastering English is essential

For international students, demonstrating a high level of English is essential. Exams such as the TOEFL, (Test of English as a Foreign Language), an English test taken primarily by students seeking admission to universities in the United States, or the IELTS are commonly required, and minimum scores vary between universities. Make sure you know the specific requirements of each institution and prepare appropriately.

This exam has a maximum score of 120 points and for these prestigious American universities, a minimum of 100 is required.

Financial aid in the Ivy League

One of the great advantages of Ivy League universities is their commitment to financial accessibility. Most offer need-based financial aid, meaning your ability to pay is not a barrier to admission. Additionally, some institutions have “need-blind” admissions policies for U.S. and international students, ensuring that admissions decisions are made without considering the applicant’s financial situation.

Accessing an Ivy League is, without a doubt, a challenge, but it is not impossible. With preparation, dedication, and a genuine passion for learning and contributing, you can transform this dream into a reality. Start the process now with MAE, we will help you at all times to get what you always wanted.