Exploring opportunities: last college options for fall 2024

At MAE Sports & Education, we understand the importance of finding the perfect option that aligns your academic aspirations with your financial possibilities.

In this article we are going to introduce you to “Last Minute Universities”, universities that are still open for admission to start next Fall 2024.

It should be noted that the universities shown below can only be accessed through an academic process. All of them have a collaboration agreement with MAE, so they offer a closed price to all our students and admission can be obtained in just 48 hours. A certain amount of academic scholarship is guaranteed at the following universities and the requirements are more affordable.

Although the college scholarship admissions process can be challenging, there are still prestigious universities that are accepting applications for the upcoming fall 2024 semester.

One such opportunity, among others we will discuss in this blog, is Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota.

Bethany Lutheran College: an attractive option for fall 2024.

Bethany Lutheran College is a Christian liberal arts college. It stands out for offering degrees in the fields of Business, Media Arts, Communication and Engineering.

Exploring opportunities: last college options for fall 2024

Located in the heart of Mankato, Minnesota, this university has an active student community that facilitates both academic learning and personal growth.

Bethany Lutheran College

Bethany Lutheran College

Admission process still open

The admission process at Bethany Lutheran College for fall 2024 is still open. At MAE, we help you navigate every step of the process, from preparing your application to submitting necessary documents such as your grades, letters of recommendation and personal essays. In addition, we advise you on how to prepare for interviews.

We recommend that you visit Bethany Lutheran College to find out if you have any questions about their admissions process.

Annual costs and scholarship options

The average annual cost is USD 40,000 for first-time freshmen living on campus not including any scholarships.

As for university scholarships for international students studying on an F-1 visa, this university has a variety of options.

MAE would like to inform you that all students interested in Bethany Lutheran College are guaranteed an academic scholarship.

In most cases, college scholarships will reduce your total annual cost to approximately USD 16,000 and USD 20,000 for tuition, fees, room and board.

On the other hand, it is important for you to know that the scholarship is automatically renewed for 4 years if you meet the standard academic and behavioral objectives.

We recommend that you also consider other residency options, since if you choose to live off-campus after your first year, the costs you pay to Bethany Lutheran College will be reduced by USD 5,000 (approximately USD 2,500 per semester). When considering the cost of rent, food, utilities and transportation in the city, many students find that living on campus costs less.

Other costs to consider in university scholarships:

Costs per year (two semesters) may include:

  • Health insurance
  • Flights and other transportation
  • Textbooks
  • Visa
  • Personal expenses

At MAE, we provide you with detailed information about these university scholarships and help you apply for those for which you qualify.

Troy University, one of the most popular universities

As mentioned above, Bethany Lutheran College is a good opportunity, but it is not the only one. Troy University is ranked among the most popular universities in the United States.

Troy University

Troy University

Located in Troy, Alabama and home to 14,881 students, Troy University is one of the top choices we wanted to show you on this blog and is still accepting applications for the upcoming Fall 2024 semester.

It also ranks 23rd among the best public universities.

Its most popular grades are:

  • Business Management
  • Psychology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Data Science

As for the budget you need to know, its annual price is at USD 28,600, however, the cost that remains after the scholarship is USD 18,800 per year (including tuition, fees, room and board).

Gannon University, a great last-minute option

Another university worth mentioning in our blog is Gannon University, located in Erie, Pennsylvania. This university is ranked number 260 in the ranking of the most demanded national universities by students.

Gannon University

Gannon University

Its most popular grades are:

  • Health
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Data science
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences

In addition, your annual cost after the scholarship is USD 22,180, already including tuition, fees, housing and all meals. Its annual cost without a scholarship is USD 55,000. Undoubtedly, a great choice of university.

Florida International University (FIU), perfect for next semester 2024

Florida International University (FIU), located in Miami, Florida, is one of the most sought-after universities for students looking for a last-minute option for the upcoming 2024 semester.

Universidad Internacional de Florida (FIU)

Universidad Internacional de Florida (FIU)

With an annual cost of USD 30,800, including tuition, fees, food and lodging, this university with 55,000 students is the second best in International Business in the country. It is also one of the most attractive in terms of geographic location as well as events and activities.

It excels in grades such as:

  • International Business
  • Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Hospitality management

However, all these universities that we have mentioned are not the only ones that still have the admission deadline for the next semester of 2024 open, you can also apply to the University of Illinois at Chicago, University of the Pacific or Adelphi University.

So if you’re looking to start your college journey in the fall of 2024, any of these great options represent an excellent opportunity that is still within reach.

At MAE Sports & Education, we are committed to helping you explore all your options and make informed decisions. Do not miss this opportunity and contact us.