Top 10 excursions you can’t miss during your year in the USA

10 excursiones que no te puedes perder en USA

Have you ever thought, “that only happens in the movies”? Yes, isn’t it? How many times have we imagined situations that seem impossible to live? Well, we have to tell you something… the famous “American dream” exists and it is totally real. Meet incredible people, live a fairytale adventure, live fascinating experiences, visit magical places… everything that happens in the movies (or at least, almost everything) is absolutely real, and we help you get it. That’s why we offer you this blog, this little world we have here to show you all the possibilities of studying in the United States and the excursions you can’t miss during your year there.

Top 10 must-do excursions in the U.S.A.

Grand Canyon of the Colorado

One of the natural wonders of the world, it is a must-see destination. You can hike, bike or even raft down the Colorado River. Undoubtedly, an adventure experience worthy of a movie.

Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks

If you are going to study in the United StatesYou will also want to disconnect from time to time, won’t you? Both parks are a natural beauty you can’t miss. Yellowstone is famous for its geysers and wildlife, while Yosemite boasts stunning waterfalls and rock formations. You won’t want to leave.

New York City

Need I say anything about New York? A city full of life and culture, where you can visit places like Central Park, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty and remember mythical series like ‘Friends’ or ‘How I Met Your Mother’ walking through the main places that always appeared in the successful series.

Miami and its beaches

The city of Miami is known for its beaches and nightlife. Don’t miss South Beach and the Art Deco district of Miami Beach. You can go hiking, shopping, have cocktails, dine by moonlight, swim in beautiful waters… in short, you won’t get bored, you won’t get bored.

Las Vegas

Obviously, if you are going to study in the United States, you must make a stop in the famous city of Las Vegas. Sin City is a unique experience not to be missed. From its famous casinos to its live shows, Las Vegas will take your breath away.

Route 66

Drive along the famous Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica and enjoy unique landscapes and iconic cities such as St. Louis. St. Louis and Albuquerque. Besides, if you don’t travel this route you can’t feel part of America, it is already a tradition!

The city of San Francisco

Enjoy the view of the Golden Gate Bridge and visit places like Alcatraz and Fisherman’s Wharf. Because obviously not everything was going to be beautiful visits, but also historical and cultural ones.


This excursion is practically a must. Learn about the history of the United States in the city of Boston. Visit Harvard University and the Freedom Trail, a route that takes you through the city’s historic sites.

Los Angeles

Of course, the city of dreams could not be missing. Los Angeles is famous for the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame and its beaches. Also visit Universal Studios and the Getty Center.

These 10 excursions that you can’t miss during your year in the USA are the most recommended, yes, but also the most requested. And the “great American dream” starts with being a real American in these places. Are you going to miss them? Find out all the destinations and where you can study on our website.