The Academy of Football by Choices International

The Academy of Football by Choices International builds on the proud heritage of West Ham United, with the aim of developing world-class players. This program is recognized as one of the best in Europe and has been providing the best professional Premiership players for many years.

The elite high-performance approach integrates the latest advances in sports technology with Premiership training techniques to provide an intensive training program that will test and optimize player performance.

The goal of the Academy is to help develop the skills needed by promising young players to succeed in a soccer career. The Academy is committed to education and has prepared a large portfolio of academic programs. Their commitment to education is a priority in their comprehensive training model and they have the best academic partners to help players succeed, both on and off the field…

The main objective of The Academy is to provide players of excellence based on the values of the West Ham United Foundation – Respect, Courage and Tenacity. In this context, it seeks to provide opportunities for young players to experience an elite professional training environment while continuing their education and achieving their soccer goals.

Other Program Details:

  • Residency Option Available
  • Men’s and Women’s Teams
  • Ages: 16-22
  • Location: London
  • Duration: 3 – 9 monthsThe Academy of Football by Choices International

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The Academy of Football by Choices International