Success at the 2020 Classroom Fair

As every year, we went to  “Feria Aula”, a fair dedicated to university studies during the “education week”, organized in the IFEMA facilities (Madrid). This is considered the largest event for the educational world in Spain. During 5 days we give information to all those students and families who stop by our stand. This is an event that serves as a great help for students who are already thinking about their college future. It is a great advantage to be informed of all the possibilities so as not to be late.

We always recommend that, to consider studying in the U.S. with academic and athletic scholarships, it is ideal to start about 18 months in advance. This gives us enough time to prepare for exams, strengthen the profile and have all the necessary documentation ready. At this fair we met a wide variety of students, both athletes and non-athletes, some with a brilliant academic resume and others not so brilliant; we also met kids interested in masters and doctorates, families and parents interested in summer camps or a school year in the USA.

At MAE Sports & Education we like to help all those interested in having the experience of crossing the pond and continuing their education there. There are opportunities and programs for everyone, and our job is to provide you with the best option for each case, on a case-by-case basis. 

Undoubtedly, once again this year, this fair has been a success and we hope to be able to help you and answer all your questions in the coming weeks.

Success at the 2020 Classroom Fair Success at the 2020 Classroom Fair Success at the 2020 Classroom Fair