Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC)

Just a few years ago, Macarena Aguirre, the director and founder of MAE Sports, met with Jorge and his family to talk about his future. At that time, and  until a couple of days ago, Jorge dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player and dedicating himself to it body and soul. Even so, and as it happens in most families with athletes who aim to be successful, the issue of studies was questioned.

Meeting Macarena, who at the time was enjoying the experience of studying and competing in the USA. was something that helped Jorge and his family to make a decision. They set out and got different offers from American universities, out of all of them he decided to move to a university in Pennsylvania called “
Mercyhurst University
“where he would compete in NCAA DII.

In this first season, he received several awards and recognitions from the university and the conference. As the “Athlete of the week” award on different occasions and the prestigious “Freshman of the year”, that is, the best freshman player among all the teams that make up the PSAC conference.

Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC)  Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC)

Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC)After a successful first year at Mercyhurst University, Jorge received offers from other NCAA DI (that is, the top division of College Soccer) universities. After evaluating the different options and discussing them with Macarena and her family, she made the decision to move to Illinois and join the SIUe (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) team.  

It is here that Jorge continues his studies, passing every course per year, and plays to his full potential during his last 3 seasons of College Soccer. In those three seasons, Jorge’s presence did not go unnoticed. He soon took several titles from the  “Mid-American Conference” (MAC). Among others: 

  • ALL-MAC First Team
  • MAC Player of the Year
  • MAC Player of the week
  • ALL-North Region Team

Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC) Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC) Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC)

This past 2019/20 season, the Valencia junior finished No. 1 in his conference and 44th in the entire country. That’s why, he was invited to participate in the MLS College Showcase, where only the top 40 college players in the country would gather with an eye toward the
MLS 2020 Superdraft
. At this event, scouts from MLS teams were invited to help them see, one last time, what the top 40 youngsters who would be part of the Superdraft looked like. 

Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC)It is noteworthy that Jorge was predicted by “Top drawer soccer” to be picked #24 in the first round. Even so, I was aware that there are many changes afterwards and this is not something that can be taken as a maximum reference. In addition, the fact that teams have limited “gaps” to sign international players is something that also affects players like Jorge. 

The day finally came, and in the third round of the 2020 MLS SuperDraft, Jorge Gonzalez Asensi was selected #24 by Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC). A team that Jorge had listed among his favorites and followed closely. He was selected in total, with the sum of all the rounds, number 76 of the Superdraft, with which he can be more than satisfied.

Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC)

Quite simply, Jorge’s dream came true. And it is a clear demonstration that with hard work, effort and training, you can achieve your dreams.

Drafted! Jorge Gonzalez Asensi to Los Angeles FC (LAFC)At only 21 years old, Jorge is graduating and starting his new stage as a soccer player in the MLS with his team LAFC. And with this we want to emphasize that it is possible to study and compete at the highest level, opting to be a professional in your sport without having left aside the academic part. 

Jorge this week is already moving to his new city, where he joins the team from now on to give his best in this preseason that starts now. He will have to work hard to get a professional contract at the end of the preseason. 

Good luck Jorge in this new adventure! Without a doubt, you have made us enjoy from across the pond all your successes during all your years of college. So, go for it! We are with you!