Prestige Awards Winner 2021/2022

After many years of focusing on global business achievements, Corporate LiveWire recognized that most international awards programs overlook the important work of small and independent companies. To rectify this, the Prestige Awards were launched to celebrate companies and individuals who consistently deliver excellent products and services to local residents, expatriates and tourist visitors alike.

The Prestige Awards team has conducted extensive research to identify the top cities and regions in the world with a vibrant SME community and independent scene. They believe that SMEs are the backbone of any economy and at the same time, typically reflect the unique characteristics of their particular city or region. Osmaan Mahmood, founder and CEO of Prestige Awards, said, “While small companies may not be able to compete with multinational companies in their size and scale, there is a personalized service-driven approach that is often lacking in large organizations.”

Once each destination has been carefully selected, Prestige readers are invited to nominate companies that have proven to be the best in their market over the past 12 months. All shortlisted Prestige Awards companies are asked to support their nomination with evidence of their work, positive feedback from their clients, information on previous accreditations and recognitions, as well as highlighting the most outstanding parts of their business.

The panel of judges base their decisions on areas such as service excellence, quality of product/service provided, innovative practices, value, ethical or sustainable working methods, as well as consistency in performance. The winners selected are those who can best demonstrate their strengths in these areas. All winners are featured in a celebratory awards magazine, published both digitally and in print, which is distributed to Prestige subscribers.

We are proud to announce that for the 2021/2022 Prestige Awards, the winner of the “Educational Consultancy of the Year, Spain” award was MAE Sports and Education.  

Spain Prestige Awards 2021/2022 - Dumas Design