Jaime Palamos in the “Top 5 playmaker” of BC Sports

Jaime Pálamos has been named in one of Canada’s digital magazines as one of the “top 5 playmakers” in the school league.

The young Valencian is currently studying at a school in Canada. A basketball player from an early age, Jaime decided to head to Canada last year, where he would combine his studies in Grade 11 with the Oak Bay High School basketball team.
Previously, Jaime came from playing in the
Valencia Basket
Cadete A, with which he won the C. Valenciana league title last season 2017/2018. In addition, Jaime has been a fixture on the
valencian national team
Valencia national team, with which he already has a bronze medal in the 2018 Spanish Championship.

His level of play is improving by the minute, until he is considered, as we see in the BC Sports article, one of the best playmakers. In fact, he is the only player in the top 5 that corresponds to Grade 11. That is, the youngest.

In the article they highlight his way of playing, “he is always in the right place at the right time”. Jaime also contributes great assists to his teammate Diego Maffias, which is why, together, they are considered to be like “Batman and Robin” in Canadian school basketball. Finally, they mention that “his foot shifting and ankle movement can finish anyone off.”

This year with the “
Oak Bay
” Jaime has been named to the “All-stars team” at the Gary Taylor, Leagle Beagle and Islands Finals tournaments. Undoubtedly, he has been an attention-grabbing player throughout this season.

His experience is being unique and we know he will finish the course shining brightly. Jaime is one of the MAEstars who will be heading to the USA in 2020. We work hand in hand with him and his family to get him a good athletic scholarship that will allow him to compete at the highest level of basketball and at the same time begin his university studies.

Congratulations Jaime! Keep working and success will come on its own.

The MAE team sends you a big hug.

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