How to improve your English from home in an easy and simple way?


Learn English from home can be frustrating, especially when you are self-taught. The reality is clear: the best way to
to internalize a language is to live it
But this is not always possible and our only option is to acquire fluency at home.

The arrival of new technologies has become a determining factor in promoting language learning, since they have brought with them online platforms, new study methods and the interconnection between people (teacher and student). Do you want to know how to improve your English quickly from home? Read on!

5 tips to improve your English online

Do you want to learn English from home and take advantage of online education? Nowadays, classrooms take a back seat and we have techniques and platforms ready to improve your English online. We tell you about them:


1. Online learning platform

We went from chalk to cursor! Today, the following have been born hundreds of platforms where you can learn English The courses provide the student with all the necessary material, specialized teachers and self-assessment tests. The best of the classes, without the inconvenience of classroom attendance.

2. Practice speaking with native speakers

The best way to become fluent in a language is to interact with people who are interact with people who are native speakers of that language.. They are the best filter to determine if we are making a correct pronunciation or if the vocabulary is adequate according to the context.

In most cases, if you sign up to learn English online learn English online on a digital platform or academy, the teachers will be native speakers and you will be able to practice the language with them. If you are going to hire this service, remember to ask!

3. Acquire all your study material

Books, Internet connection and other support materials such as videos, graphics or self-assessments are some of the materials that you cannot miss on your study table if you want to learn English from home quickly. Surround yourself with as many tools as possible and put your skills into practice.

4. English full experience

As we have already mentioned, the best way to learn English quickly is to surround yourself with the language, such as going to work or study abroad. surround yourself with the language, such as going to work or study abroad.. However, if you do not have this possibility, try to surround yourself at home with as many stimuli as possible in the language you want to learn.

For example: change the language of your cell phone, of the series and movies you are watching or convince your colleagues to speak this language if they know it. Live the
full experience
within the possibilities you have access to.

5. Create online study groups

There are hundreds of online study groups that you can meet up with on a regular basis to practice your pronunciation and fluency practice your pronunciation and conversational fluency.. Search on your study platform, in your group of friends or in forums about learning English from home; we are sure there are people just like you!

Tips for learning English from home

Now that you have the how and the where, it’s time to learn a few tricks to improve your tricks to improve your English from home without spending time and money on extra resources; these are some recommendations in your study that you can easily develop.


  • Listen to your favorite songs in English to translate them by your own hand or look up their lyrics.
  • Change the language of your streaming platforms
    such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, to watch the series in English.
  • Consuming digital content (streamers, youtubers, instagramers…) in English. In this way, you will develop fluency and learn new vocabulary.
  • If you are a passionate reader (both magazines and books), buy them in the language you want to learn.
  • Write down in a notebook all the new words you learn as you learn English online.
  • Record yourself reading out loud so that you can later watch yourself and identify where the main pronunciation errors are.
  • Develop your verbal agility changing the pace at which you speak English, from slower to faster. This is a trick that often works to identify errors.

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