Christmas and New Year’s plans that you will only find in the U.S.

Looking for Christmas plans in the United States? Living these dates far from home can be complicated when you live or study in a foreign country.
studying in a foreign country
but enjoying the American dream and culture is a once in a lifetime experience.

Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide to help you choose the best plans for young people these months of cold, lights, and gifts in the USA. An experience that you will only find in the country and that you cannot miss.

Why spend Christmas in the United States?

Christmas time is one of the most special times in the U.S., a time when all families come together for a feast of food, warm drinks, scenes
and festive decorations. It might look like a postcard, but sometimes fact beats fiction.

Even though you won’t be living the most common traditions of your country, you are in the United States for a reason, right? Enjoy their customs and live the fullest experience while you can! Build a gingerbread house, wear an
ugly sweater
and write a letter to Santa while eating Christmas cookies.


Here are some of the most common Christmas plans in the United States that you probably won’t find elsewhere (or, at least, not in the same way). Do you dare to go one step further? Continue reading.

6 not-to-be-missed plans for Christmas in the U.S.

At this point, it’s time to take out your diary and pen to write down all the plans for Christmas in the United States that you can still make before the arrival of these dates. First things first: Christmas begins with the lighting of the tree at the White House, so it’s here that we kick off the

1. Making the most of Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations in the U.S. it’s not just any activity, it’s almost a religion! At this time of the year you can find everything from homemade decorations indoors for a more austere decoration, to creating real scenery on your facade, whose street becomes almost a museum of lights.

Therefore, we propose two plans for Christmas in the United States: decorate the interior of your home with your family or take a walk around the neighborhood to take a look at the rest of the houses. You decide!


Visit flea markets to buy ornaments and food.

Another of the most common activities for Christmas in the United States is to visit the flea markets of the towns, booths with lights and atmosphere of this time where you can buy ornaments, sweets, gifts or hot food and drinks. If you want to spend an afternoon strolling around to see the decorations, this is the best plan.


3. To make a traditional gastronomic feast

Food can’t be missing from your plans! During Christmas, homes in the United States are filled with the smell of ginger, cinnamon or pumpkin, while tables are filled with all kinds of dishes, such as turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, eggnog or apple pie.

Spending Christmas in the U.S.A. without creating a big feast? It may not be in your plans, but it is sure to be in those of your colleagues or host family. Follow the leader and be sure to enjoy the best Christmas dishes.


4. Check your city’s agenda

If you put aside, for a moment, the American traditions that can’t be missing from your planningyou can also check which events are going to be organized in your cityThe city’s main attractions include flea markets, parades along the main avenues and the ice skating rinks that often crown the main square.

5. Listening to or singing traditional Christmas carols

Carols are part of a tradition that goes back generations, and that’s why you can’t miss this plan for Christmas in the United States, which will add a magical touch to family events. Learn them and create a unique atmosphere this holiday season!

6. Experience the excitement of the arrival of Santa Claus.

Who hasn’t wanted to experience the arrival of Santa Claus from the United States? One of the most common traditions in the country and that for years has reached Europe, is the night of December 24, when children (and not so children) hang socks from the chimney and wait all night for their gifts.

The next day, Christmas Day, they get up excitedly to open all their presents by the fireplace. It’s a magical moment!

How to live New Year’s Eve in the United States?

And what about Year New Year? Well, one of the most popular plans for Christmas in the United States among tourists and international students is to celebrate the night of December 31 in style.

In the U.S. They spare no expense: fireworks, parades, floats, parties, concerts or soccer games; a veritable “feast” of events for Americans to open the year from the top.

As with any Christmas event, you will find a wider range of activities and events in the big cities, such as New York or Las Vegas; however, in general, all cities have their own celebration.


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