Fraternities in the USA

We have always heard about the typical “fraternities” in the USA.

But… What does this term really represent?

The word fraternity comes from the Latin fraternitas, representing the affection and bond between brothers or between those who treat each other as such. It is synonymous with brotherhood, friendship and camaraderie.

Fraternities are very common social organizations in American universities, they pursue great human values and contribute to altruistic and philanthropic causes, each one of them is characterized by its own traditions.

There are both male and female fraternities, also called “sorodities”. Its members associate freely and pursue the same benefits. To join a fraternity you must be an active undergraduate student (there are exceptions where the license never expires). Some have hundreds of members in different locations, as there is no maximum number of members.

Regarding the name of the fraternities, they generally take their name from the letters of the Greek alphabet.

The purpose of these organizations is to promote values and principles, offering services to the community, promoting honor and education. In addition, they are also involved in raising funds for charity and research centers.

The first fraternity was Phi Beta Kappa, which appeared in 1776 and was founded by a group of students from the Commonwealth of Virginia, its goal was to promote excellence in the humanities and sciences. It was characterized by its secrecy and rituals that encouraged honor and loyalty.

Fraternities in the USA Fraternities in the USA


Hazing is the practice of rituals performed by a group of people to test the pledge and assess whether or not he/she can be part of the fraternity.

Bold and unusual activities are often carried out and must be fulfilled as a requirement.

Fraternities in the USA


Here are some movies and series that show what college life and fraternity membership is all about. Generally, in the cinema it is represented in an exaggerated way, with big parties, difficult tests… always looking for the comic touch.

“The Fraternity House” (Comedy) – Released in 2002, it tells the story of three students who after being expelled from the sorority to which they belong, desperate with nowhere to live, decide to pose as women to enter a sonority.

“Last chance U ” – A series in which a faith-based coach guides young people hoping to make their college aspirations a reality.

“Coach Carter” – In this film, the new basketball coach at Richmond High School, demands that players participate equally in academics and athletics.

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