Class of 2022

Last weekend saw the graduations of several of our MAEstars. In the USA, college graduations are one of the most important ceremonies in the life of a student/student-athlete.

For many student-athletes, finishing their degree means the end of their athletic career. Some are fortunate enough to be able to continue competing at the professional level, others may be able to extend their sporting career by a year or two due to eligibility issues, but for most it means giving up competing at such a high level.  

Whatever the situation, every student, athlete or not, who graduates from an American university knows what a graduation is like; not just the ceremony, but the celebrations with family, with people in your class, with professors, and a long etcetera. 

Today we are going to introduce you to some of our MAEstars of the “Class of 2022”.

We start with Sara Marin, a graduate of Mercyhurst University, where she has been playing Water Polo for the past few years. Due to the pandemic, Sara has one year of eligibility left to compete, so she will return in August to do what is called a “fifth year”. 

We continue with Claudia Reguant, a graduate of Unoversity of Montana. Claudia has been representing the Grizzlies for the past four years, playing tennis at the highest level.

We continue with Lucía Marzal, who began her college career in Miami and finished it at Ohio State University. Lucia is one of our most awarded tennis players and has represented her two teams and has always remained at the top. Lucia will stay another year in Ohio combining a master’s degree with tennis.

Last but not least, we finish with Alejandro Vedrí, who started his career in Texas and has graduated from the University of California Santa Barbara. Alejandro has also played at the highest level, representing his universities at the top of college tennis. In addition, Ale is another student who has decided to continue his education and next year will combine a master’s degree with tennis.

From MAE we would like to congratulate all the graduates and wish them the best of luck in the stage that is about to come.