Pablo Caffarena to the “Oracle ITA National Fall Championships”.

Last weekend we received the great news that our beloved Valencian tennis player and MAE star Pablo Caffarena, along with his doubles partner Victor Chaw,  got a ticket to one of the most important championships for college tennis players, the “Oracle ITA National Fall Championships”. These will be played November 6-10 in Newport Beach, California.

During the last few seasons, the Caffarena-Chaw doubles pair had already been making a name for itself. Last year, they won the title “ASUN Doubles of the year”, that is, the best doubles pair in their conference. 

This year they are back for more. Last week they played the final of the “ITA Regionals” in which they lost 4-6/6-2 /9-11 in a heart-stopping last supertie. They played a match ball in their favor but lost it and in the end the victory went to the Middle Tennessee State University pair,  
Pavel Motl
 and Stijn Slump.

Pablo Caffarena to the "Oracle ITA National Fall Championships". Pablo Caffarena to the "Oracle ITA National Fall Championships". Pablo Caffarena to the "Oracle ITA National Fall Championships".

From Valencia to the ITA Nationals in the U.S.

The young Valencian has been playing tennis since he was a little boy, he started at the Santa Barbara Country Club with Matias, Federico, and Horacio; then he was with Aparisi and Oscar at the Spanish Tennis Club, and his last stage was with the Dectra team in Peñacañada.

Pablo set course for the USA in 2016, when he decided he had to back up his tennis career with studies. As he told us in an interview for MAE Sports last summer, studying a career in the United States and continuing to compete at a good level was undoubtedly the best option available to him at the time.

Pablo Caffarena to the "Oracle ITA National Fall Championships".Pablo began his U.S. adventure the 2016/17 season at Jacksonville State University, in a small town in Alabama. 

He was part of this team for 2 seasons. Fulfilling objectives and playing a great role for his team, playing number 1.

His level was even better than he had thought himself, which led him to look for a transfer to another university in a bigger city, with a better ranking, academically better valued and with a great offer to cover his studies. Lipscomb University, located in Nashville, Tennessee, was chosen. 

Pablo Caffarena to the "Oracle ITA National Fall Championships".Since his arrival at Lipscomb University Pablo has not stopped giving good results, both academically and in tennis.

So far they have the following titles in the conference where they play. To which should be added its qualification for the ITA Nationals Championships. 

  • ASUN Doubles Pair of the Year 2019
  • ASUN Academic All-Conference Team 2019
  • ASUN All-Conference Team 2018


Interview with Pablo Caffarena

If you want to know a little more about Pablo’s decision to study in the U.S., as well as hear about the life of a student-athlete. Take a look at the interview we did this summer. The move to this new university in Nashville was undoubtedly a wise move. Pablo has improved his level of play, continues to be a bright student with very good grades and has also made history at his university.

Our young MAE star and his partner Chaw get Lipscomb’s tennis team to play in the ITA Nationals for the first time. Something they are experiencing in a big way along with their coach Geoff Hernandez.

Undoubtedly, they will not miss the opportunity and will fight to go as far as possible. 

In just 2 days the competition starts and from MAE we want to wish him the best of luck, but above all we want him to enjoy it since this is his last university year.

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Would you like to have a similar experience to Pablo? If you are hesitating, or have already decided, talk to our team and we will advise you personally without obligation so that you can see how the process of going to study in the USA would be.