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Want to start your college classes starting summer 2020 from anywhere, with no delays or interruptions, while earning academic credit? We bring you the university through interactive technology that offers direct contact with professors as if you were in the classroom.

MAE Academy PostDuring these difficult times, many of our students will not be able to begin their university studies in the United States next semester. Therefore, at MAE we offer an alternative option to avoid missing the first semester of college. You can start your university studies from our “MAE Academy” – or from home – with our “Live” technology, learn with accredited American teachers  and earn UMass (University of Massachusetts) credits.

MAE Academy PostAll classes will be taught by professors from one of the best American universities, University of Massachusetts, Boston.  In addition, each course is highly recognized at any American university and supported by ACT, the national leader in standardized college entrance testing in the United States.

Here are some examples of colleges that evaluate and accept UMass credits: 

Auburn University | Florida International University | Michigan State U | Boston University | University of Central Florida | University of Illinois

MAE Academy PostYou may wonder how it works. It’s very simple; the courses offered in the first year at any American university are general. Therefore, during the first year, at MAE Academy you will study subjects corresponding to the first year of your degree; and these are: English (Reading and writing), mathematics, humanities and science.

Regarding entry requirements and credits, these may vary depending on the conditions of the host university. At MAE we help you with the preparation, as well as with the whole admission process. In addition, the program provides bilingual academic support in Spanish to facilitate the inclusion of international students in the American method of study.