How to get a soccer scholarship in the United States


The United States offers a great number of opportunities for people seeking training in different fields, whether in education, employment or sports. This is the case of soccer scholarships in the United States, one of the most desired for those who want to continue playing soccer while studying their university career in this country. 

Contrary to what happens in other territories, U.S. universities place great value on students who combine their studies with sports activities, recognizing the sacrifice and effort involved in practicing many sports such as soccer or soccer at a professional level.

That is why they offer interesting scholarships that cover most or sometimes all of the expenses  during the stay of these students in the USA. 

Essential requirements to obtain a soccer scholarship 


Scholarships for amateurs only 

The first requirement for those who want to to get a soccer scholarship in the United States is to be an amateur player, this means that, in order to be eligible, the athlete cannot have previously signed a professional contract with a soccer team or club, as the scholarships are designed exclusively for students who are amateur players.  

Sports level  

The athletic level of the interested party is important to obtain a scholarship at a certain university since, depending on it, more advantageous conditions will be granted than others. In some cases, such as at the highest level, it may cover all study and accommodation expenses in the country.  

Each athlete will demonstrate his or her level to U.S. college coaches in the best possible way, with a detailed profile of his or her athletic career, videos and statistics. 

Academic requirements  

In addition, in order to obtain a scholarship for soccer in the United States, the student must submit the academic transcript of the last four years of school, which corresponds to the American High School. Normally, at the time of applying for these scholarships, you must be in high school or have completed high school . Those interested in other modalities, such as an intermediate or higher degree, will need to provide more information.

Tests and examinations  

In addition to the above, in order to be able to enter U.S. universities and, therefore, to be able to to qualify for their soccer scholarships, it is necessary to complete a few The SAT, which is the university entrance exam, and a test of the English level through the TOEFL or Duolingo English Test

The best destination to study with a soccer scholarship 

The United States is a country famous for its high educational level in the universities, but also for having a high cost for the families, since each course supposes an important economic disbursement where the scholarships suppose an important help that is advisable to obtain. 

Currently, there are an estimated 1,600 U.S. universities of various qualities and levels that include soccer scholarships in their student aid, making it a perfect destination for young athletes who wish to study and combine soccer.

Take advantage of some of the soccer scholarships that are offered each year throughout the country to defray the important expenses involved in studying in the United States.

In short, if you want to enjoy a quality education and cover a large part of the expenses involved in studying at an American university, one of the best ways to do so is to get a soccer scholarship, one of the many that are offered each year.

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