Halloween on campus: a unique cultural experience

Te contamos todo lo que tienes que saber sobre la increíble experiencia estadounidense de Halloween en el campus.

In American culture, Halloween has become a colorful and lively celebration, where people dress up as spooky or funny characters and decorate their homes with illuminated pumpkins. The holiday has been extended to the university campusescreating a unique experience for students from all over the world. For this reason, from MAE, we wanted to make this very complete and curious post about this famous event on campuses.

The history of Halloween and its significance in U.S. culture

In case you didn’t know, Halloween, the holiday celebrated on Oct. 31has deep roots in Celtic culture, which has evolved over the centuries. Originally known as “Samhain,” it marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter, a time when the spirits of the dead were believed to walk the Earth again. With the arrival of European settlers in the Americas, the traditions merged, creating the holiday that we know today and the incredible unique cultural experience of Halloween on campus.

On-campus activities and special events

The U.S. universities are completely immersed in the Halloween spirit. They organize a variety of events, from costume contests to theme parties, where students compete to see who can be the most original, spookiest or cleverest in their choice of costume, to outdoor movies and haunted mazes. In fact, the most special activities and events that take place on a U.S. campus are:

  • Haunted houses: on campuses, there are specific locations where you have to follow a path inside a house (or any location like a maze as well) while getting some scares. The students create spooky passages decorated with the themes of Halloween. Visitors can walk through these labyrinths, facing scares and surprises at every corner, without knowing where the exit is.
  • Costume contests: the most talked about thing on the U.S. campus when Halloween rolls around are the famous college costume parties. Everyone dresses up as something spooky and at the end of the night the person with the most votes is chosen. Party, music, drinks and fun in a night full of laughter and a terrifying atmosphere.
Te contamos todo lo que tienes que saber sobre la increíble experiencia estadounidense de Halloween en el campus.
Our student at MercyHurst University, Pennsylvania
  • One of the most popular Halloween activities are pumpkin farms. Often universities organize these small “trips” for students to get to know these farms, buy pumpkins and learn more about the experience by participating and adapting to the tradition. They also take the opportunity to try the famous Apple Cider, a well-known Halloween drink.
  • But it’s not just the farms that take on a terrifying touch. streets, porches and houses are impregnated with this atmosphere. Although, of course, the dining hall, (the dining halls of the universities) also join the tradition of putting students in a more terrifying environment, cooking typical Halloween dishes and desserts such as ghost-shaped cookies or raspberry tarts in the form of blood.

Meanwhile, professors on college campuses also take advantage of the occasion to bring lots of candy to classes and organize quizzes and games.

Of course, as we have mentioned before, the idea of dressing up and asking for candy (the famous trick or treat) is a very popular one. will never go out of style. Although this is a very common occurrence for children, the truth is that it can become a perfect activity to get to know the culture and meet new friends in the United States.

The experience of international students participating in and adapting to this tradition

For international students,Halloween can be an intriguing and sometimes disconcerting cultural experience. The idea of dressing up and trick-or-treating may be completely new to some. However, many international students find this tradition fascinating and actively participate. By joining in the festivities, they not only learn about American customs, but also immerse themselves in a fun-filled environment.

Adapting to Halloween may involve learning about popular costumes, participating in dorm decorating, and joining campus activities. For many international students, this becomes an opportunity to make new friends and to experience university life in a unique way.

And Halloween on campus has become a rich cultural experience. and diverse for international students. By learning about the Halloween storyBy participating in exciting activities and adapting to traditions, students not only celebrate a holiday, but also enrich their understanding of the world and foster cross-cultural friendship. Halloween on campus thus becomes an unforgettable chapter in the educational and cultural journey of the international students in the United States.

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