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MAE Academy

Start your university studies at MAE Academy thanks to our “Live” technology, where you can follow your courses from home. Learn with American accredited teachers and get UMass (University of Massachusetts) credits.

All courses will be taught by teachers from one of the best universities in the US (University of Massachusetts, Boston). In addition to that, each course is highly renowned at any American university and supported by ACT, the standardized test used for college admissions in the US.

Here you will find a list of some of the universities that have evaluated and accepted UMass credits:

Auburn University | Florida International University | Michigan State U | Boston University | University of Central Florida | University of Illinois

*Academic bilinguel support available in Spanish.

Start your college classes starting in the summer of 2020 from anywhere, without delays or interruptions, while you earn academic credits. We bring you the university through interactive technology that offers direct contact with professors as if you were in the classroom.

How does it work?

At MAE Academy you can begin your university program by achieving credits to move forward in your degree. The subjects offered for the first year are:

English (Reading and Writing).
Arts, Science and more.

* Entry requirements and credits may vary depending on the conditions of the host university.

Program Details

There are 4 types of programs in which each of them has a required level of English and the content of the courses are different.

The periods of stay offered are the following:

Summer: May – August
Fall: September – December

Track 1

The Track 1 program (Fall Period), with the highest number of credits available and therefore the most complete program, has the following schedule and courses:

Track 2

The Track 2 program (Fall Period) has the following schedule and courses:

Track 3

Track 3 program (Fall Period) has the following schedule and courses:

Track 4

The Track 4 program (Fall Period) is a 100% English program:

* The time zone indicated is Boston, Massachusetts (GMT-4).
* The same programs are also available during the Summer Period.

Registration Dates

At MAE we analyze each case individually, advising, and offering the best program for each student. In addition to that, we handle the registration process and prepare the paperwork. The program offers the students a continuous follow-up to maintain excellent academic performance. Upon completion, MAE offers a transfer service to another university.

We evaluate your profile for free

We evaluate your profile for free

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